2.3 million | Baylor Update

He made it to his Flop!

This past week Ally and I drove to Mount Katahdin, Maine, to pick Baylor up from the summit. We both were a day ahead of schedule, so Ally and I surprised him at the base and summited the next day with him. While we were submersed in fog on the summit the view was not the landscape but the many people that were kissing, touching, and finding sweet relief at the Katahdin sign. I got the opportunity to talk to Keller's (Baylor's) trail family on the way down. Snooze and Sauce were quite a dynamic duo with many stories to tell about Keller's journey alongside them. Snooze will be returning to school this fall and complete his AT journey in a couple years. Sauce will finish the AT this fall. Keller has taken over 2.3 million steps thus far in his journey. He has completed the flip to his flop and is over half way finished with the trail. He is taking a few days of break and will start the South Bound(SOBO) portion of his journey in Harper's Ferry and hike the 1,023 miles to Springer Mountain. 

Most of my followers live in the South, so I encourage you all to figure out where Baylor is by his Insta or by these blogs and hit a trailhead and give him some trail magic. Trail magic can be anything from a cold drink to hotdogs to water to whatever consumable you think hungry, tired hikers might want. Bring enough to share with others too! I have included his summit picture and I hope you all catch him on his SOBO hike.

One Step at a Time.