Ballagàrraidh: an awareness that you aren't at home

First, I want to encourage all of you to read this, then go to The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows Youtube page and spend an hour of your day. John Koenig is a writer of original dictionary of made-up words. Yet, his words speak to the humanity inside of us. The definitions are felt by many, yet indescribable to others.

During John's Tedtalk at TEDxBerkley, he describes why he is writing a dictionary of made-up words. John describes how every man has this need for words. We need words to contain us, to define ourselves. Yet as society we are stuck in a vicious cycle of overusing, detract, and numbing ourselves to the meaning we have assigned to words. We box ourselves in by using words. We define ourselves by using terms like, man, woman, child, parent, millennial, gen x, American, human. We set a standard that we can't break these words. We can't climb out of these boxes and walk between. Those who are outside of these boxes of words are "in transition", "lost", "crazy". Yet all of these words we describe ourselves with, are made up. Yes they are fake. Every word on this website. Yet they hold meaning. A meaning different then what I might intend, but a meaning true in itself. John Koenig's Tedtalk is amazing and a must-see.

One of the words that John has created and defined is Ballagàrraidh. Watch this video definition. I can not compile more words to justify my use of this space. But, I want you to spend some time today, finding a word by The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows that describes some recent feelings.