Daily Bread

In 2015, I found a musician named Strahan. Strahan is a New Zealand artist that is self-described as a Psalmist, Storyteller, and a Traveler. I instantly connected with the poetry of his songs. One song in particular caught my heart and became a psalm that I would sing out to my Creator on a daily basis. It served as a reminder of Whom my strength comes from. It served as a reminder of who I am and who He is. Daily Bread became the song of my heart.

One thing I particularly love about Strahan is that every song he writes is easy to learn, lyrically deep, and speaks Truth. Strahan aims to create modern day psalms, that speak Truth and carry "hints of the divine".

I believe that our Creator speaks truth through our songs and words of praise. Something unique about Daily Bread, for me, is that I understand yet know this modern psalm speaks Truth I have yet to truly understand. After I found Strahan, I went on a camping trip with some of my best friends. I made them listen to this song because I knew that there was something hiding in the lyrics and with their spiritual guidance I think one day I will fully comprehend what is meant by the second verse.

Now don't get me wrong, it already has meaning, but I know because of the Truth of the lyrics, that the line "There has been a harbour where the tide sets in Built upon each other are the rocks my friend" will one day give me a truth so deep and wide. As I write this, I feel like I am writing like a mystic, but instead just as David's Pslams I know that Strahan's Pslams hold meaning deeper than I have yet to comprehend. Ipray for an understanding. I pray to have this psalm as the song of my heart. Even when the chords no longer ring out, this song will be on my tongue.

Anyways, give Strahan a listen. Go to his website. Follow him. And let his modern-day psalms speak truth into your heart.