Losing Desire

Deep down inside everyone is set of desires that give us the will to go on. As we grow older, we are taught to dampen the calls of these desires. To squash those that are risky, dangerous, or unacceptable in a world of normal. This "normal" desire is considered abnormal to those around us. We live in a dangerous time. We have millions of distractions that numb these desires. Our focus is constantly diverted to something that is a mere mirage of what we actually want. We scroll through Instagram daydreaming to adventure like that one account, to have a love like that #goals couple, to own that new jacket that a celebrity owns. We scroll through Facebook feeding on the mindless cat videos, getting upset with your relative's political view, absorbing the useless rants of hundreds of "friends". We have developed the habit of blocking out our thoughts. We numb ourselves to the injustice and cruelty of the world. We drown in advertisements and marketing so that we no longer have to make our own choices. Many of us have already died. When we "grew up" and gave up the desires of our hearts we died. We became faithless, hopeless, and godless. 

When mankind was made in God's image we were made with a copy of the same desires that were on God's heart. If you want to learn more about God's desires and our hearts desires, read John Eldredge's Wild at Heart (Guy version) or Captivating (Gal version). Both versions are worth the read! One of those desires is the desire for adventure. Why would God have created a vast world to just simply be in a cubical or classroom our entire lives? Why is it the normal thing to numb ourselves to the creation that our Creator has made?

The desire for adventure can be filled in many ways. For myself, I am filled when I engage in hiking, backpacking, listening to the birds, seeing a buck in the woods, photographing the vast landscapes around me, reading the psalms with passion, listening the stories of those around me. Disconnect from the mirages of social media. Quit living your life through someone else's. Quit seeking the approval of others in order to be fulfilled. These are all empty ways of fulfilling our heart's desires. We might look full from the outside, but as long as we fill ourselves with these mirages we will remain thirsty for real water. 

"Our journey is through a desert. We have longed for a beautiful paradise, full of fruits and shade and water. However, we find ourselves traversing across a blistering desert. We long for the waterfalls of this paradise. We long for shade from a tree. As our journey goes on, the sun we once loved burns our backs. We see a puddle of water. We sprint forth using our last drops of energy and hope. We reach the place where the water is. We fall down and attempt to cup water in our hands but as we bring it up to our mouth we taste the sand. Our minds finally catch up and we realize that the water we saw was a simple trick of the sun. Our hope is gone. There is no end to this valley we walk. There is no end. We simply lay our heads on the hot sand and wait for a certain death. A death for a living man. A death hopeless for the paradise our hearts long for."