Reading List: Adventurous at Heart

These books are personally my favorite books and just plain great books for those who love adventure and want to make a life that has so many exciting tales that your family, friends, and grandchildren are jealous. So if you need inspiration to keep your adventurous dreams alive crack open a book and get to reading!

1. Love Does by Bob Goff
         Bob Goff has lead a heck of a life. He is a diplomat to Uganda, writer, father, lawyer, and adventurer. 
Love does captures several short stories from which Bob Goff has learned his place in the world and as a 20 something I totally relate and hope to have many of the same experiences. Each short story has a short lesson that Bob Goff has learned and wisdom that he wants to pass on. This book is perfect for those adventurous types that want to have a legacy left on the world and how to do it through doing love.

2. Wild at Heart by John Eldridge
         Wild at Heart explores manhood and how God designed us to live. 
Wild at Heart really explores how to live an intentional life while chasing after God's own heart. Exploring God's image in man, the love of your life, exploring God's creation, and being a man in the 21st century. Wild at Heart captures the many principles that we all need to achieve and live everyday.

3. An Innocent Abroad by Lonely Planet
        An Innocent Abroad was a free ebook, I picked up from Starbucks. 
An Innocent Abroad takes 35 writers and life changing short stories from each. The amount of detail and beautiful writing will make you want to pack up your bags and become a travel writer. It took me about a month to read, I read a story a night and dreamed through the writing of these amazing writers. I didn't read all the stories but majority had beautiful experiences that remind me the reason we are called to live an adventurous life.

4. The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway
        I love Ernest Hemingway's writing, not everyone does though. With that being said, I don't thing I would have gotten that much out of
the Old Man and the Sea if when I was reading I wasn't looking down over the Caribbean Sea. The emotions and the deep meaning to the book took on a new life seeing the blue ocean below. I was on my way to Haiti so I was able to see the type of small Caribbean town in which the Old Man lived in. My imagination to that and put me in his shoes which concreted the beautiful meanings hidden between the words. So if you happen to be going to the Caribbean Sea anytime soon this might be the perfect book to get your life in check.