Planning a Big Move

Finally you have made it.

You put on your cap and gown and walk across that stage. As soon as you step off, everyone begins to ask you, "what's next?" However, by this point in your life you are well-versed at a two line statement about your career goals. You get back to your apartment or home and the excitement wears off. You realize that the past 20+ years has been leading to this moment, moving and starting a "big kid" job. 

So the question arises in a way it never had before. "What's Next?" Most of us Millennials respond with "oh shit, I am broke and living in my parent's basement". As a good participant in this generation though, you google the keywords, MOVING OUT GUIDE. Congrats, you found this article and now you prepare to figure it out.


The first step in moving out is one that we are all good at, dreaming. I don't mean for you to go take a nap, instead take a personal inventory.

  1. Determine your position in life now. (Broke and living in parent's basement and no job).
  2.  Identify your dreams (Successful marketer with years of experience).
  3. Take your first step (New City, Career, Next step in life).

Great! Now get up and start working.


The second step is planning. This is where this article will benefit you most. Using my own move as experience, I developed an extensive Excel workbook that allows you to plan and accomplish your big move. This will guide your research and planning. It is made up of a Moving Checklist, Anticipated Budget, Potential Apartments List, Potential Jobs List, Packing Inventory, Things to Purchase List, Address Changes Record, Vital Records Record. It is intentionally left blank, so that you can do your own research for any city. There are recommended sites (these are not sponsored, just useful to me) for each of the workbooks. THIS IS FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!

Moving Excel Workbook


This step is vital to understanding what you are about to get yourself into. You will need utilize Google, online resources, personal networks, professional networks, and a visit to your new home. Remember no question is too dumb to ask. The files include a variety of sites that I personally have found useful. 


Get up and get to work! Remember that this is the whole purpose of why you found this blog. Use the moving guide, do your research, and live! If you need additional inspiration check out QUIT PLANNING AND DO IT from a few months ago.


Best of luck on your next move!