Socially Minimal

During the last six months, I have been exploring and understanding my relationship with social media. As a minimalist, my ultimate purpose is to be intentional in all that I do. I did not measure my social media usage through time, I measured it through data. I have noticed that we are continually offered larger and larger amounts of storage and data plans. Our consumption of data envelopes many of us far faster than our consumption of things. Every where we turn we are constantly faced with more data. Majority of that data is numbing our brains, and consuming our time. The millions of videos, bogus news, and advertisements are subconsciously eating away at us.

For years, I have threaten to deactivate my Facebook. I considered it a waste of my time. Instead of using my time for better, I was just trading it off for another form of social media. Finally in July, I deactivated my account. But for a month, I would receive a couple emails welcoming me back to the world of Facebook. I am still unsure of what was occurring. Every time I would go through the deactivation process, Facebook would start this guilt trip. They displayed friends that would "miss me", they offered solution to my problems. Finally the point of no return occurred. 

And guess what happened! I don't miss Facebook. I even deleted Twitter. I don't miss that either. Instead of disconnecting from all of my friends, I found the intentional point of connection was far more rewarding than a like or a yearly birthday wish. I found that I had to be intentional with the moments I had with those friends. I loved those moments. For 8 years, I had been liking, sharing my pointless thoughts, seeking approval from 500 Facebook friends or Twitter followers. The past six months, I have enjoyed many cups of coffee, and deep conversations with people I haven't talked to in years. 

Finally, I am free from the bondage of social media. I no longer use it as a numbing agent or approval stamp. I use it to share genuine thoughts and stories. I use it to connect with others in the real world. Follow my pixels on Instagram and Pinterest, but let's have a cup of coffee and a real conversation sometime.