When Things Fall Apart

We all know that plans, dreams, and visions never pan out the way we expect. If you are still the optimistic twenty-something, I am sorry to ruin this for you. We have all been there. We plan an amazing trip somewhere and then something pops up and forces you to spend the money you were saving. We dream of being astronauts, doctors, and world travelers then school gets in the way and 9 years of school no longer seems appealing or the dangers of the world keeps you in Small-town, USA. We envision a world without homeless, hunger, and war but decision-makers seem content with their lot in life and don't care about the millions suffering.

When things fall apart our plans, dreams, and visions seem to fade into the past and gain a nostalgic feeling for being a "childhood" thought.
When things fall apart our frustrations turn into stress, our stress turns into failure, our failure turns into depression.
When things fall apart we feel lonely and absent from the world we dreamed.
When things fall apart we no longer care to dream these lofty ideals.
When things fall apart we lose the childhood we held onto.
When things fall apart our hearts seem to dull and slow.

So when things fall apart, why do allow this to happen. We know that we are not content with our shattered plans and dreams. So why not change that? Why not open the door beside the closed one? Why not walk the other direction? Why not find a new opportunity in the pieces of our shattered plans and dreams?

We often find it easier to sit down in our messes and just pout. But that doesn't seem to be the purpose of our lives. People are resilient. Some of the greatest people alive and in history seemed to flourish in failure. They were set apart because they would get up no matter how hard their plans, dreams, and visions were shattered. They took their mess and found a way to not let their hearts dull and slow. It is frustrating and hard to get up when things fall apart, but success lies in the standing after a hard fall. Success is earned when you stand again and again.